Ultra-deep body contouring and tightening with inch-loss, cellulite and fat reduction


From muffin tops and orange peel thighs, to loose skin from previous weight loss, many of us have a body bugbear that we’d love to banish. Well now we can, with ENDYMED CONTOUR; the non-invasive body boosting treatment that not only tightens and firms skin on the body, but also reduces cellulite and fat, and even delivers inch loss!


How it works

This fabulous, clinically proven treatment uses state-of-the-art radiofrequency technology, 3DEEP Skin Science, in combination with a sophisticated vacuum massage for a two-pronged attack on those key areas of concern: the tummy, bottom, love handles and thighs. While the radiofrequency energy causes intense heat deep within the skin to simulate collagen production and target those pesky fat cells, the vacuum massage works synergistically to enhance the break down of stubborn areas of cellulite and fat.

The treatment time varies greatly depending on the area that’s being treated. It’s recommended that you follow a course of six treatments overall, returning for ‘top-up’ treatments to maintain and enhance the results that you’ve already seen.

Astonishingly, this clinically proven treatment delivers outstanding results without any pain or downtime whatsoever. It’s time to get your body confidence back!




Collagen takes time to regenerate and form, and because you’re stimulating your skin naturally, you won’t see the full effects of the treatment until 3 months or more after your course. You will, however, see short-term results after each treatment as your collagen contracts, so you’ll get a sneak preview of what’s to come!

Results can last years depending upon your skin’s particular natural ageing process, although your practitioner will recommend top-up treatments every three to six months.

Skincare regimes don’t have to be complicated or expensive but they do have to be effective. Our SkinSynergy clinics are all trained to think about you and your skin to get the best regime for you.