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AesthetiCare G&T Peels use a highly advanced combination of glycolic acid and taurine. The high levels of glycolic acid act as the peel agent while the taurine is there to soothe your skin and counter-act some of the negative effects commonly associated with skin peels. Taurine is an amino acid that helps reduce redness and irritation, without impacting on the positive work that the glycolic acid is doing.

Glycolic acid is one of the most effective, clinically proven Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) peels available. It increases exfoliation to produce outstanding results such as rejuvenating your skin and leaving skin softer, with a more youthful appearance.

Glycolic acid exfoliating peels have the following positive effects on your skin:

  • Exfoliation The bonds between older skin cells in the epidermis are broken down, allowing them to fall away.
  • Hydration – Your skin’s natural moisturising processes are reinvigorated so that your skin becomes more hydrated.
  • Stimulation – The peel stimulates the entire epidermis causing the creation of new, fresh skin cells and stabilising the structure and function of the skin.
  • Firming – The peel increases the density of collagen and elastin in your skin’s dermis (the fibres that make skin appear firmer) helping to improve the elasticity of your skin.

Glycolic acid peels are also effective at addressing more specific skin conditions such as pigmentation and acne by:

  • Clearing and closing pores, and reducing the appearance of spots.
  • Reducing the amount of melanin in skin cells. Melanin darkens the skin’s pigmentation, so reducing it will help lighten darker areas.

How it works

To get the best results your practitioner will consult with you on what the most appropriate course of treatment should be depending on the condition of your skin. The in-clinic exfoliating peels are usually offered as a course that builds in intensity towards the end.

Before the first in-clinic peel you will be given a home use exfoliating peel gel to use, which is a lower concentration. You should then continue to use this gel throughout the course of treatment as directed by your practitioner to enhance overall results.

Each in-clinic peel will take approximately 20 minutes. It’s not uncommon to feel some discomfort during the first few minutes as the peel takes effect. Following the treatment your skin may be a little red, but this should soon subside. In the days following your treatment your skin will feel dryer and begin to exfoliate. It’s very important that you routinely wear high-level UV protection during the course of you peels as your skin will be more sensitive than usual. We recommend one of our products from the Heliocare range as they provide broad-spectrum SPF50 protection as a minimum, and contain powerful anti-oxidants.



The Range

For The Professional

The new range of AesthetiCare G&T Peels contains clinically proven glycolic acid in a novel combination with taurine to both maximise results and enhance patient comfort. The in-clinic peels are also packaged in ready-to-use individual sachets to make the treatments simpler for the practitioner.

With straightforward in-clinic products and protocols, as well as home-use products that help to prepare the skin and enhance results, AesthetiCare G&T Peels are the clear choice for any clinic.

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