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Harmony Skin Centre tells us how introducing the EDS Rejuvenate Professional Skin Needling treatment along with its fantastic home-use skincare programme has been a very profitable move in their clinic.


Has EDS Rejuvenate been a good addition to your treatment offering?

 “Yes, it gave us the ability to offer skin rejuvenation treatments to clients with a modest capital outlay – we only had to sell three courses of the treatment to pay back the device so as we’ve had the device over a year it’s been a very profitable addition.”

Do you have good results and client feedback?

We have great results from our treatment courses and have very happy clients, the fact that it’s only 3 treatments within the course is great and the results that are achieved after that course are fantastic. Clients also tell us it’s a comfortable treatment which many don’t expect with skin-needling.”

Do you think the EDS skincare programme adds to the overall treatment experience and results?

“Yes definitely, the products work alongside the treatment to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin. Our customers love the attractive skincare products packaged together in the cosmetic bags, they are a big selling point for customers buying EDS courses, especially as they have a retail value of £300!”

What feedback do you get from customers who use the skincare programme following the procedure and do you see repeat retail purchases of the products clients enjoy using?

“We’ve had great feedback from our customers, the majority of clients love the products and continue with their new skincare regime after their treatment course, so it’s providing a fantastic retail opportunity too.”

 The EDS Rejuvenate treatment has its own clinically proven skincare programme why did you choose to offer this as a treatment package in your clinic?

“Offering a skincare programme alongside the EDS treatment allows clients to continue their treatments from home. It’s also a great customer incentive to book on to an EDS course and the retail opportunity was a fantastic incentive for us too. Myself and the team all use and love the products within the regime packs so it was a no brainer really! It’s nice to be able to give clients the products we all use and we can easily talk about our favorite products within their skincare packs too.”

Would you recommend other EDS clinics to offer the skincare packs? Are they profitable in terms of increasing skin care sales?

Yes absolutely, the skincare packs have driven many sales of many EDS courses as they have such great added value to the treatment and it has led to a great increase in our ongoing retail skincare sales.”

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