EDS Rejuvenate with the eDermastamp

EDS Rejuvenate with the eDermastampTM

The goal of skin needling is to stimulate the epidermis and dermis without damaging the subcutaneous tissue. This stimulates a wound healing response in the epidermis and dermis to naturally regenerate and repair, resulting in collagen remodeling and fibroblast proliferation.

EDS Rejuvenate treatments achieve this using the gold-award-winning, Class 11 Medical Device, eDermastampTM, which has the highest quality, safety and reliability guarantee.

Superior quality needles

The eDermastamp device uses precision, medical grade stainless steel micro-skin-needles with an advanced 6-stage manufacture and quality process. The medical-grade micro-needles of the eDermastamp are specially shaped to create a micro-wound that seals within minutes of treatment. This also ensures minimal pressure for a more comfortable treatment.

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Optimal needle count

The eDermastamp has the optimum number of needles to ensure minimal pressure is required for the needles to penetrate the skin, reducing patient discomfort and downtime. The close proximity and arrangement of the needles also helps to trap the glide serum and increase the ease of movement over the skin.

Don’t be misleaded by devices that boast “the most needles”. Though we want to maximise the number of needle channels, too many needles compromise the safety and comfort of the treatment and may require an uncomfortable amount of pressure in order to penetrate the skin to the appropriate depth, increasing patient discomfort and downtime. The eDermamstamp employs the optimal number of needles to maximise efficacy, safety and comfort.

Optimum needle length

The eDermastamp needle length is up to 1.5mm which is the appropriate needle length for face, neck and décolletage rejuvenation. The goal of skin needling is to stimulate epidermis and dermis without damaging the subcutaneous tissue and 1.5mm is the optimum needle length to achieve this with quality, safety and efficacy assurance.

Ultimate flexibility

The eDermastamp needles can be adjusted in 0.1mm increments, allowing the practitioner complete control over and maximum flexibility of the depth and intensity of the treatment depending upon the area being treated and the patient treatment response. This will ensure optimum results will be achieved with minimal patient discomfort.

Patented design

The eDermastamp handpiece has a patented needle tip protector with a tilting needle plate which glides smoothly across uneven surfaces of the skin further reducing any trauma. Furthermore, the innovative needle cartridges have an in-built backflow mechanism which prevents fluid being passed into the eDermastamp handpiece.

Maximum power and Light weight design

The eDermastamp device has a separate electronic control unit, which powers the handpiece and motor; this ergonomic design minimises the weight of the hand piece (it weighs just 100g) and enhances technique with effortless handling and ease of use. As the eDermastamp is powered externally it can achieve a high number of needle entries per second. This high-level entry speed allows the optimum number of total needle entries per second, but with a lesser pressure applied to the skin.

Non-ablative treatment

Where other scar and anti-aging treatments are ablative and destroy tissue, the eDermastamp protects the integrity of the epidermis and dermis, using atraumatic (non-traumatic) perforations to gently trigger the generation of new tissue.

Remarkable Results 

Watch the EDS Rejuvenate treatment being performed below:

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*ROI based on the sale of 3 treatment courses in the first month.