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The gold-award-winning electronic professional skin needling treatment
for significant skin regeneration

 EDS Rejuvenate

EDS Rejuvenate is an advanced, electronic skin needling procedure, using the eDermastamp™ from the makers of the gold-award-winning original Genuine Dermaroller™. With the highest quality needles and precision controls you can accurately adjust the speed and needle length to deliver a tailored treatment, using the optimum intensity to target specific treatment areas.

EDS Rejuvenate uses the optimum number of fine needles to create thousands of micro needle columns in the skin, stimulating a wound healing response within the epidermis and dermis to naturally regenerate and repair itself. Remarkable results can be acheived in just three treatments.


Treatment benefits

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Professional skin needling is clinically proven to improve1,2:

  • Ageing and photo-damaged skin

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Impaired texture and tone

  • Acne scarring

  • Stretch marks

Intense Home-use Skin Rejuvenation Programme

EDS Rejuvenate gives clients an unbeatable treatment experience with its luxury home-use skincare programme, which, when combined with in-clinic skin-needling treatments delivers intense regeneration results.

The home-use skincare regime brings together the latest innovations in stem cell activators and growth factors, with photo and anti-oxidant skin protection to provide the ultimate skin rejuvenation combination.

Combining Endocare CELLPRO and Concentrate Serum with the multi-award winning Heliocare 360, in an easy-to-follow daily regime will significantly improve skin elasticity, tightness, texture and tone, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and provide the absolute anti-ageing protection.

This unrivalled technology has been researched and developed by clinical skin scientists and dermatologists across the globe.

Why EDS Rejuvenate?

With remarkable, natural predictable results and an excellent safety profile, EDS Rejuvenate is a fantastic addition to the treatment menu. Not only will your clients enjoy outstanding results, but you’ll achieve an excellent return on investment.

When you become an EDS Rejuvenate Partner, we provide you with all the support you need to make EDS Rejuvenate a success in your business. From professional in-clinic training to your Marketing Toolkit, packed full of email and social media content, imagery and top tips for a successful launch.

We’ll also make sure you get the ongoing support you need with our professional customer services team and your dedicated account manager.

We’d love to talk you through EDS Rejuvenate and how it can fit into your business. Simply complete the contact form at the bottom of the page and we’ll be in touch to make an appointment.

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The Gold award winning EDS Rejuvenate device from the makers of the Original Dermaroller is acknowledged to be the highest quality skin-needling system available.

Recommended by experts

  • “We forwarded the EDS Marketing Toolkit to our web company who manage all our marketing - they found it useful. We are also planning to use the content on a loop through our TVs to advertise the treatment in clinic”

    Dr Josephine Prasad,  AP Smilecare | 2017
  • "I loved this new marketing tool for my EDS Needling treatment. This is a new treatment for our Spa so it's great to get wording and images already set up to ping across in an email to my clients or ‘Share’ on Facebook.”

    Marie Hart, Village Beauty Spa, Caterham | 2017
  • “The EDS Rejuvenate treatment is a wonderful addition to our clinic. I love working with the eDermastamp because it’s very easy to use and most importantly, our clients are very happy with the results! I would recommend EDS Rejuvenate to anyone that is looking to incorporate micro-needling into their practice.”

    Lindsey McEnroe, True You Skin Clinics | 2017
  • “EDS Rejuvenate has been an excellent addition to my clinic. The eDermastamp automatic skin-needling device adds a new versatility, with its adjustable needling depth it enables me to effectively manage the treatment intensity with the option to focus treatments on troubled areas. I have some very happy customers with the fantastic rejuvenation results after only 3 treatments!”

    Anna Sutherland, Tranquil Beauty Clinic | 2017

Remarkable results



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1. Fabborochini G, ET AL 2009,2.Aust & Fernendes 2009

*ROI based on the sale of 3 treatment courses in the first month.