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The Ultimate Rejuvenation Combination: Stem Cell Activation & Growth Factors

The science behind the Endocare programme is interesting, but what really counts is the customer feedback we receive.

Endocare is changing the face of skincare, one satisfied customer at a time.

Here are some testimonials from real Endocare clinics.

“We love CELLPRO and the Concentrate Capsules. We were delighted that the capsules were included in the ENDYMED Home-Use Treatment Packs, giving our ENDYMED clients a chance to try it this great product.

I think it’s really important for us to let our clients know that we use the products and share with them the great results we’ve had. What I also love is that it’s simple, there are only 3 products in the regime; CELLPRO Gelcream (day), CELLPRO Cream (night) and CELLPRO Eye Contour Cream, then a booster treatment of the Concentrate every other month.

Before I was using (as were most of our clients) creams and serums for both day and night, neck cream etc….which is very expensive! So myself, my colleagues and clients are also saving money and we are seeing great results. I used to only use Liz Earle and Elemis products, but since changing my skincare regime to Endocare I have seen a big improvement to my skin. I cannot recommend CELLPRO enough.”

Nichola Massdorp, Number 4 Clinic

As a clinic that originated specialising in laser treatments, I can say without doubt that the huge growth and success of my skincare business over the last 5 years, both retail and medico facials is down to the Endocare ranges that I promote, which are Tensage and more recently CELLPRO.

I have clients who have used these products continuously for the past 5 years and will not use anything else, such is the difference and improvement they have seen in the quality, tone and texture of their skin. I am confident enough now to guarantee that clients WILL see a difference in their skin after using these products.

The whole range works together beautifully, with flexibility to make changes to routines as and when needed. Not only are the products well-presented and packaged, but are also at a competitive price point, essential for repeat business. They represent exceptional value for money compared with over the counter cosmetic brands.

I personally would not be without these products, my particular favourite being the Endocare Tensage concentrate…without a doubt the best thing ever to touch my face. I can rely on it to give my skin the boost it needs when feeling a little jaded. From S3 Skin and laser and all my customers…thank you Aestheticare for giving us Endocare!

Sarah Jane Pearson, S3 Medical Aesthetics

“Our clients love Endocare products, they have state of the art technology in them (inc. stem cell activators – it’s patented so can’t be copied, making them unique).

We feel they are some of the best cosmeceuticals around and really do help our clients with a home regime that backs up what we do in clinic so they get the best results possible.

The Endocare programme regime is simple to understand, uncomplicated but most importantly it’s easy to use and it works.

What’s more we love the support and training we get from AesthetiCare!”

Tracy Shepard-Regan, Indulgence Skin and Laser Beauty Clinic

We love Endocare! Patients love the texture and the results of the Tensage range and even those with sensitive skins find that Tensage is calming on their skin and problem free!

CELLPRO has given a lot of our patients the next step up and is a fantastic alternative if they can’t tolerate a retinol. They also love the price – we know you don’t have to spend a fortune for effective products!

From our point of view – we are seeing the results and not just visually. Our skin analysis tool is finding that hydration improves and redness and inflammation is much lower – all this on top of a healthier looking skin.

Sarah Jane Pearson, S3 Medical Aesthetics

How does it work?

The Endocare Programme delivers a unique and innovative combination of stem cell activators and growth factors to target the skin’s fibroblast activity, both creating new fibroblasts and re-energising existing ones.

Fibroblasts are the key to skin rejuvenation, creating collagen, elastin and natural skin hydrators – it’s the cell that is stimulated with almost every in-clinic rejuvenation treatment. Now your clients can maximise fibroblast activity at home too, giving you the best canvas to work from!

The simple Endocare Programme combines Endocare CELLPRO for daily stem cell activation with growth factor boosters in the high-intensity Endocare Concentrate products.

The high-intensity Endocare regime

The programme blends stem cell activation and growth factor stimulation to give the ultimate combination of skin rejuvenation technologies, and create a simple but highly effective daily programme.
Daily stem cell activation is provided with the Endocare CELLPRO regime, with a growth factor boost using one of the Concentrate serums every three months:

Endocare CELLPRO Gelcream

A light, creamy gel that leaves skin feeling hydrated but dry to the touch – perfect for use in the morning. It combines high levels of CAF BioAction Technology with RetinSphere Technology, not to mention ingredients that enhance skin architecture, moisturisers and Vitamins C and E.

Endocare CELLPRO Intensive Eye Contour

A light, hydrating cream specifically designed to target signs of ageing around the eye with key Endocare CELLPRO technologies and CAF BioAction Technology, plus caffeine and haloxyl to increase circulation and reduce puffiness.

Endocare CELLPRO Cream

A rich, non-oily cream with an advanced moisturising system that leaves skin feeling intensely hydrated, so it’s ideal to use as a night cream. Endocare CELLPRO Cream also contains optimum levels of CAF BioAction Technology, RetinShpere Technology, Vitamins C and E and skin architecture enhancing ingredients.

Endocare Tensage Concentrate Serum – SCA 50%

With the highest SCA Index of 50%, this intensely rejuvenating serum also contains intensive hydrosystem skin moisturisers and skin brightening ingredients – perfect for use in the colder winter months between October and March.

Endocare C PURE Concentrate Serum – SCA 20%

A 20% SCA Index is combined with high concentrations of an advanced combination of Vitamin C to provide high levels of skin protection and brightness – ideal for the warmer summer months between April and September.

Clinically Proven Results

Recent clinical studies have shown that proteins extracted from the embryos of the scientific snail Cryptomphalus Aspersa (CAF BioAction), as found in all Endocare CELLPRO products, have the ability to affect the signalling pathways of Stem Cells found within the human epidermis. This means it is the first clinically proven programme to actually activate the skin’s own stem cells and thus has the potential to address root causes of skin ageing, and achieve true skin restoration and regeneration.”

When looking at human skin stem cells taken from the hair follicle bulge, the studies found that CAF BioAction was able to “induce differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells to cutaneous keratinocyte and fibroblast cell lines” whilst also inducing the “migration of keratinocytes and fibroblasts in a time and dose-dependent manner”

In other words, Endocare CELLPRO’s CAF BioAction extract was clinically proven to activate the skin’s existing stem cells, causing them to differentiate into fibroblasts and keratinocytes, improving tissue repair and reducing the age-related changes to the cells themselves.

Working with AesthetiCare

With advanced, clinically proven technologies and excellent client satisfaction, Endocare is a fantastic, unique addition to your skincare offering.

When you become an Endocare Partner, we provide you with all the support you need to make Endocare a success in your business. From professional in-clinic training to your Marketing Toolkit, packed full of email and social media content, imagery and top tips for a successful launch.

We’ll also make sure you get the ongoing support you need with our professional customer services team and your dedicated account manager.

What’s more, our exclusive introductory offer gives you enough stock of every product in the Endocare range to get up and running immediately with a huge overall discount of more than 25%!

We’d love to talk you through the Endocare regime and how it can fit into your business. Simply complete the contact form at the bottom of the page or call 0800 0195 322 and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.

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