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The Ultimate Rejuvenation Combination: Growth Factors & Stem Cell Activation

As you get older, your skin’s processes become less effective, which is when it begins to show visible signs of ageing. Stem cells in your skin become less active and produce fewer fibroblasts, while the activity of existing fibroblasts slows down, as does the production of your skin’s natural moisturisers and skin plumping agents. At the surface of your skin, cell renewal also slows down and, as a result, your skin becomes less vibrant, loses its elasticity and firmness, and lines and wrinkles are visible.

The Endocare regime brings together three clinically proven ranges, Endocare CELLPRO, Tensage Concentrate and C PURE Concentrate. Each one harnesses the power of the scientific snail in different ways to target the signs and causes of ageing skin, working deep within the skin as well as at its surface.

The key behind the range is Endocare Snail BioTechnology; a unique and scientifically proven approach to skin rejuvenation based on the scientific snail, Cryptomphalus aspersa. Endocare Snail BioTechnology uses clinically proven stem cell activation and growth factor stimulation to increase the number and activity of fibroblasts – the essential skin cells that produce elastin and collagen.

It’s time to Concentrate on Summer

90% of the visible signs of skin ageing are caused by the sun’s rays – triggering the production of harmful Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), also known as Free Radicals, within the skin which target and damage the healthy cells and proteins that keep you looking young. The result is an acceleration in the skin’s natural decline as well as further impairment in skin texture and tone. To combat this, we recommend to boosting the  Endocare skincare regime with new Endocare C PURE Concentrate.

The high intensity SCA BioRepair growth factor stimulation, and high levels of advanced Vitamin C technology, in every C PURE ampoule provides high-level enhanced anti-oxidant protection while re-energising the skin’s own fibroblasts – the essential skin cells that produce elastin and collagen to keep  skin looking smoother, brighter and tighter.

Endocare C PURE comes in two-week booster packs and is recommended for use every 2-3 months when the skin is under the greatest environmental stress and in need of the most protection from photo-damage.

The Endocare High Intensity Regime

The Endocare skin programme brings together key stem cell and growth factor technologies in Endocare CELLPRO, C PURE and Tensage products to give your clients the ultimate rejuvenating results – specifically firmer, tighter and plumper skin with fewer lines and wrinkles, and a brighter more youthful complexion.

During the winter, when levels of sun exposure are lower, Endocare Tensage Concentrate is used to give the ultimate boost of growth factor stimulation alongside the daily stem cell activation regime with Endocare CELLPRO. During the summer months, the high intensity Endocare C PURE is used to provide additional skin protection when it is needed most.

How Does it Work?

Endocare CELLPRO is a unique and innovative combination of CAF BioAction Technology; snail-derived stem cell activators that provide deep skin regeneration, and Retinsphere Technology; a unique and advanced combination of Vitamin A regenerators:

CAF BioAction Technology is a highly refined complex of biological activators that stimulate the skin’s own stem cells to naturally develop into fibroblasts deep in the skin where they produce collagen and elastin

Retinsphere Technology increases epidermal renewal with a unique and advanced combination of Vitamin A ingredients

Each clinically proven technology works together perfectly for firmer, plumper, smoother and brighter skin.

Endocare CELLPRO also contains hyaluronic acid and other glycosaminoglycans to enhance the underlying skin architecture, as well as an anti-ageing complex of Vitamins C and E, while an advanced moisturising system hydrates the skin.


The Endocare CELLPRO Range

Endocare C PURE is available exclusively for Approved AesthetiCare Endocare Partners and Stockists to order now as part of our fantastic Endocare daily skin programme.

The programme blends stem cell activation and growth factor stimulation to give the ultimate combination of skin rejuvenation technologies, and create a simple but highly effective daily programme:

Endocare CELLPRO Gelcream

A light, creamy gel that leaves skin feeling hydrated but dry to the touch – perfect for use in the morning. It combines high levels of CAF BioAction Technology with RetinSphere Technology, not to mention ingredients that enhance skin architecture, moisturisers and Vitamins C and E.

Endocare CELLPRO Intensive Eye Contour

A light, hydrating cream specifically designed to target signs of ageing around the eye with key Endocare CELLPRO technologies and CAF BioAction Technology, plus caffeine and haloxyl to increase circulation and reduce puffiness.

Endocare CELLPRO Cream

A rich, non-oily cream with an advanced moisturising system that leaves skin feeling intensely hydrated, so it’s ideal to use as a night cream. Endocare CELLPRO Cream also contains optimum levels of CAF BioAction Technology, RetinShpere Technology, Vitamins C and E and skin architecture enhancing ingredients.

The Endocare Concentrate Range

We recommend boosting your client’s daily regime every three months with Endocare Growth Factor Boosters.

Every Endocare product contains SCA BioRepair Technology, its concentration in each product is measured by the SCA Index, which is shown below.

Endocare Tensage Concentrate Serum – SCA 50%

With the highest SCA Index of 50%, this intensely rejuvenating serum also contains intensive hydrosystem skin moisturisers and skin brightening ingredients – perfect for use in the colder winter months between October and March.

Endocare C PURE Concentrate Serum – SCA 20%

A 20% SCA Index is combined with high concentrations of an advanced combination of Vitamin C to provide high levels of skin protection and brightness – ideal for the warmer summer months between April and September.

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