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Lou Sommereux at Cosmex Clinic talks about their ENDYMED device, it has been a fantastic addition to their clinic, they have treated over 900 clients. 

ENDYMED practitioner Lou Sommereux from Cosmex Clinics has offered ENDYMED treatments in her clinic for four years. Since the launch in 2013, she tells explains how ENDYMED continues to be a popular treatment that delivers consistent results.


How would you describe the results you see with ENDYMED?

With FSR treatments I clients see skin tightening and lifting, with a great improvement in texture, tone and the strength of the skin. The treatments boost collagen levels which improves skin quality and elasticity.

Who is your target ENDYMED FSR customer?

People with heavy eyes that aren’t ready for surgery, we’ll also recommend a combination of ENDYMED TIGHTEN too for anyone who is a little jowly.

How happy are you and your clients with the results you have experienced?

I’m very happy with the results the treatments deliver and most importantly my clients are happy too. They see a very good improvement in their skin quality.

How many clients do you treat per week?

We treat up to 5 clients per week, and have treated over 900 clients since purchasing the device which is fantastic.     

Has ENDYMED been a lucrative investment for your clinic?

Yes definitely, we have had the device over 3 years and ENDYMED treatments continue to be a popular choice for clients. It works really well with our other treatments, it is fantastic to perform alongside injectables for longevity and better results. The system also enables you to expand your offering as you grow, we’ve just purchased the INTENSIF handpiece which we’re really excited about. We can’t wait to see the tightening, lifting and improvement to texture and tone through a course of only 3 treatments. We’ve heard great things about the INTENSIF!

Would you recommend ENDYMED to another clinic? Why?

Yes absolutely! I find the FSR a real collagen boosting treatment which provides long term and natural results. I love it and my clients love it.

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