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Number 4 Clinic tells us how ENDYMED has been a very profitable addition to their clinic, and how the ENDYMED Marketing Toolkit has helped bring in so many customers they now open their clinic an extra day per week.

How popular is ENDYMED in your clinic?

“It is a very popular treatment, in fact when we launched in January we sold 10 courses and were fully booked up until April/May. We even decided to open the clinic for an extra day because the treatment was so popular.”

How would you describe ENDYMED?

“It has been a good addition to the clinic with great results and an excellent way to enhance the treatment menu.”

Are you and your clients happy with the results you have experienced from ENDYMED treatments?

“Yes absolutely, we are very happy and so are my clients we are seeing excellent results, even those patients with significant signs of ageing are seeing great results with FSR treatments.”

 Has the introduction of ENDYMED attracted any new customers?

“Yes, the treatment has drawn in a completely different patient type into the clinic, those that don’t go down the injectables route which is great.”

Has the ENDYMED Marketing Toolkit helped you?

“Yes definitely, it has helped us keep brand consistency which is important for attracting new customers. We use the strong messaging including treatment descriptions, technical descriptions and the same model images across all our marketing platforms which customers notice and are drawn to.”

How easy is the toolkit to use?

“Very easy, everything is in one place and you can use the contents page to link straight off to which section you want to be directed to. It’s also very handy to be able to send the dropbox links of images and copy etc on to other people easily. It’s just great to have all the marketing materials in one place.”

How have you used the toolkit?

“We have used the images for a recent newspaper ad and we’re having our website updated which the toolkit made so easy, we just sent it to our web designers who found it very useful. I have also copied and pasted the treatment descriptions in a recent newsletter.”

Have you seen an increase in enquiries for ENDYMED treatments since using the toolkit?

“Yes, in fact I had 2 bookings from our recent newsletter in which I included the new ENDYMED treatment descriptions.”

Has it reduced the time you need to spend on marketing?

“Yes definitely, it has made our marketing much more efficient, we can simply use the social media posts, pre-written emails, access images and before and after photos – it’s great. It has made marketing the treatment so easy!”

How have you found the support from working with AesthetiCare?

“We’re very happy and there’s nothing else we could ask for. We recently had treatment refresher training and it was extremely valuable. The clinic visits are brilliant and help us develop our knowledge and skills.”

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Number 4 Clinic
4 Mayne Road
Moray, IV30 1NY

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