G&T Brighten Peels

G&T Brighten Peels

Jump-start your skin’s natural processes with G&T Brighten Peels


Using a clinically proven, innovative combination of glycolic acid and taurine, G&T Brighten Peels are a great way to jump-start the skin’s natural processes to help regenerate it, revealing brighter, fresher skin cells. They can also help to tackle problems with pigmentation and spot prone skin.

Glycolic acid is one of the most effective, clinically proven peels available, increasing exfoliation to leave skin softer, with a more youthful appearance. Its key actions are:

  • Exfoliation – breaking down the bonds between older skin cells, allowing them to fall away
  • Hydration – reinvigorating the skin’s natural moisturising processes to hydrate more effectively
  • Stimulation – encouraging the creation of newer, fresher skin cells
  • Firming – increasing the density of collagen and elastin within the skin, helping to improve it’s elasticity.

The added ingredient Taurine helps to soothe the skin and significantly reduce any redness or irritation – creating a highly effective, but gentle, peel.

G&T Brighten Peels are also extremely effective at addressing specific skin concerns such as pigmentation and spot prone skin by exfoliating melanin-containing cells, and clearing and closing pores to reduce the appearance of spots.

About the G&T Brighten Peels Treatment


G&T Brighten Peels are offered as a course of in-clinic peels, which typically increase in intensity, with a home-use programme to help prepare the skin and enhance the results. Each in-clinic peel takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and patients are able to return to their daily routine with little to no downtime. The treatment includes a home-use programme packed full of clinically proven products, and a course of in-clinic G&T Peels to give outstanding results.

Key Products


The entire G&T Peels range has been developed to deliver fantastic results in skin regeneration with minimal pain and downtime. The in-clinic peels are also packaged in ready-to-use individual sachets to make the treatments simpler for the practitioner.

With straightforward in-clinic products and protocols, as well as home-use products that help to prepare the skin and enhance results, G&T Peels are the clear choice for any clinic.

In-clinic peels come in a variety of strengths, including 30%, 50% and 70%, while the home-use peel gels come in 10% and 15%, with an additional 30% Heel Peel completing the range. Each peel has an optimum combination of PH, intensity and high efficacy to ensure the best possible results for your clients.

The home-use programme not only contains the home-use G&T Peel to help prepare the skin and enhance the results of the in-clinic peels, but also the clinically proven NeoRetinNeoRetin uses a unique combination of technologies to brighten the skin’s complexion.


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