Facts About Sun Damage

Some of the biggest threats to your skin are often unseen.

Sun damage to your skin is caused by the UV radiation in daylight. On hot sunny days the biggest threat to your skin is UVB radiation, but it’s the UVA, visible light and infrared-A radiation that affect your skin all year round – even on cloudy days.

UVB Radiation

UVB Radiation accounts for just 5% of the sun’s rays, and is most prevalent on hot, sunny days. UVB can only penetrate to the outermost layer of the skin (the epidermis) and this is where it causes the most damage.


UVB Radiation can cause:

Sunburn // Pigmentation // Hyperkeratosis // Immunosuppression // DNA Damage // Skin Cancer

UVA Radiation

UVA Radiation accounts for 95% of the sun’s rays, and is generated all day, every day – regardless of the weather or amount of cloud cover. UVA can penetrate deep into the innermost layer of the skin (the dermis) and can cause lasting damage.


UVA Radiation can cause:

Free radical oxidative damage // Extra-cellular matrix breakdown// Loss of elasticity, structure, vitality & pigmentation // Immunosuppression // DNA Damage // Skin Cancer

Visible Light

Like UVA, visible light is present all day long, no matter the time of year or weather. It can also penetrate to both the epidermis and dermis and is responsible for a third of all free radicals produced in the skin.


High-Energy Visible Light can cause:

Erythema // Pigmentation // Free radical oxidative damage // Immunosuppression // DNA Damage // Skin Cancer


Infrared-A is present all day everyday, regardless of the weather. It can penetrate the skin deep into the hypodermis and is the source of approximately one third of all solar radiation that reaches the skin.


Infrared-A can cause:

Collagen breakdown // Free radical oxidative damage // Immunosuppression // DNA Damage // Skin Cancer

So what can be done to protect your skin?

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