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Fresh and exciting offers and marketing promotions attract the interest of your clients leading to increased retail sales, but creating effective marketing campaigns can be time-consuming and costly. That’s why we’ve created new and exciting campaigns with all the materials and information you need to implement them easily in your clinic, helping you to instantly boost your sales.

When you launch one of our brand campaigns you’ll be provided with everything you need, from posters and merchandising units to social media posts – it really couldn’t be simpler. Plus our campaign packages give you fantastic value whether you’re looking to boost existing sales or introduce the brand to your clinic.

We’re currently running three campaigns across our top retail brands – you can find out more about each of them below, but we’d love to talk to you about how the campaign can benefit your business. Simply complete the short form at the bottom of this page and we’ll get in touch with you, or alternatively you can call us on 0800 0195 322.

Heliocare 360˚: Nothing protects skin like Heliocare 360˚, it’s the only daily-use, clinically proven sun and anti-oxidant skin protection range that combines: Fernblock FC – a powerful anti-oxidant complex, maximum UV protection, high-energy visible light protection, infrared-A protection and DNA repair enzymes.

CELLPRO: Powered by nature, CELLPRO is the only skincare product in the world that’s clinically proven to activate your stem cells – the source of naturally beautiful skin.

NEWA: Professional medical technology in a home use device, NEWA uses advanced 3DEEP radiofrequency energy to stimulate skins natural collagen building and renewal processes, to tighten, firm and restore radiance.


Skin protection in Winter is essential, we often think of protecting our skin from UVB in the Summer, but damaging UVA, infrared-A and visible light radiation is present every day all year round, add to this the additional challenges that harsh Winter conditions brings – your skin needs Heliocare 360˚ the Winter skin savior!

To help you promote this important message in clinic we’ve put together a fabulous Winter skin saviour marketing campaign which includes a suite of winter-themed merchandising and promotional assets that you can start using in your clinic, in your email campaigns and on social media to promote the importance of skin protection in the winter.

Commercial Director, Roisin Wood explains more about Heliocare 360˚ and the Winter Skin Saviour campaign


Eye issues are one of the biggest skincare concerns people have. Fine lines and tired looking eyes can affect people of all ages. Using Endocare CELLPRO Intensive Eye Contour will transform ageing eyes and there’s a fabulous ‘All eyes on you’ campaign focused on promoting this.

The All eyes on you campaign includes an exclusive, luxury gift with purchase for customers, a luxury merchandising unit for your clinic and much more. You’ll receive all these marketing and merchandising materials plus a marketing toolkit free of charge when you purchase your CELLPRO products at an exclusive campaign offer price.

Commercial Director, Roisin Wood explains more about Endocare CELLPRO and the All Eyes on You campaign


Many clients have already started their search for unique gift ideas, so it’s a great time to run the new NEWA gift campaign to let them know why NEWA is the best gift for skin, both as a treat for themselves or as a present to spoil a loved one.

The NEWA Gift campaign package provides not only a great saving on the product, but also an exclusive retail offer price for your clients. You’ll also receive a fabulous NEWA Gift campaign suite of marketing materials FREE of charge worth £160. This includes an eye-catching merchandising unit, posters, leaflets, luxury gift bags and a marketing toolkit – all promoting NEWA as the best gift for skin!

Commercial Director, Roisin Wood explains more about NEWA and the Best Gift for Skin campaign

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